Children's Message

Good Friday 2008

-Who's ever played “Hide and Seek”?

-Is it more fun to be the one hiding or the one seeking?

-Have you ever hid so well
that no one could find you,
and eventually they just gave up?

-In the sermon today,
I'm going to talk about what Jesus did
between the time of his death on Good Friday,
and the time of his coming back to life
on Easter Sunday.
-Jesus played “Hide and Seek.”
-But it wasn't as fun as when we play it!
-Jesus played hide and seek in hell!
-Between the time of his death on Good Friday
and the time of his resurrection on Easter Sunday,
Jesus went to hell to seek those who had died
because of the Flood.

-I don't think I'd want to go to hell to help people.
-But God did. And Jesus did.
-No one is so good at hiding
that Jesus can't find them!

Dear Jesus, thank you for going to such lengths to seek and save us. You're awesome. Amen.