Advent 3C, 2019

Christmas Pageant

St. Pauls Lutheran Church, Cambridge ON

Sunday December 16 2019, 10:00 a.m.


Prayer of the Day[1]

Stir up the wills of your faithful people, Lord God, and open our ears to the preaching of John, that, rejoicing in your salvation, we may bring forth the fruits of repentance;

through Jesus Christ, our Saviour and Lord, who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.


Please be seated as we light 3 candles on the Advent Wreath while singing the 1st 3 stanzas of “Light One Candle to Watch for Messiah” #240 and on the screen.


Children receive the Children’s Bulletin and return to their front-row seats.



Sue brings the children out, dressed up for a concert. The children stand in rows on the steps at the front of the church.

Ian is our roving reporter. He stands in front of the church (with a camera person?).

Welcome to tonight's special presentation of "What's Going On, Cambridge?" We are in St Paul's Lutheran Church in Galt, where the children's choir, led by teacher Sue Brethauer, will be performing a selection of carols. The youth involved range in age from 10 down to only 3 years old! 

Sue: Introduces children and first song, Silent Night. Choir sings first verse.

Loud song: Breaking News theme

On screen: desk anchors (Anna and Ian) We interrupt this program with some breaking news - we go now to our reporter on the scene. Jesse, what can you tell us?

Jesse, with Cambridge Hotel in the background: We have just learned there is a shortage of short-term accommodations through-out the region. There are no rooms available at all so I hope everyone coming into the region has their beds sorted out for the holidays.

Anna: Thank you for that update Jesse!

Ian: I guess you might even say there's no room at the inn!

Anna: Yes…(turns to the camera) And now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

Sue: Introduces Away in a Manger. Choir sings first verse.

Breaking News theme plays.

Ian: We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news. 

Anna: Reports have been pouring in about a bright light in the sky. Logan joins us now from the streets of Cambridge - what do you see out there?

Logan (In front of Satellite Motel): Eye witnesses are describing what appears to have been a bright light in the sky, to the East. It is said to be  brighter than any recognisable planet, satellite, or the space station, moving too slowly to be a plane. While officials assure us the light is not a reflection from a satellite or missile, they are keeping tight-lipped about what is in effect, an as-of-yet unidentified object in the night sky.

Ian: So to sum, not a bird or a plane...but a bright unidentified flying object. Technically folks, we have a UFO!

Logan: The official word is that this phenomenon is actually a new star, or perhaps more accurately, a very old one, that we are seeing.

Anna: Well that is definitely reassuring! We will bring you any further updates as they come in. For now back to your program already in progress.

Sue: Introduces We Three Kings. Choir sings first verse. 

Breaking News theme plays.

Anna: We apologise for the interruption. 

Ian: There seems to be a series of rolling blackouts going on throughout the city. Jake, what can you tell us out on the streets?

Jake, in front of a blackened building, with a flashlight: power seems to be going out all over the city! Officials appear to be at a loss to explain what is going on, but we are being told not to panic. Stay calm, and //feed goes dark// 

Sue introduces Oh Come All Ye Faithful. Logan sings verse. Choir sings refrain.

Breaking News theme plays.

Anna: We apologise once again for interrupting your program.

Ian: While preteens and young adults are often accused by the older generations of having herd-like tendencies, what you are about to see takes this reputation to a new level.

Anna: Groups of young people are gathering in locations identified as Poke-gyms. En masse, they abandon what they are doing and move as a group inside the nearest building.

Liana, outside the church: We have managed to find one of these gatherings of youth still in progress. As you can see behind me, we have youth apparently playing a popular game on their phones. Gatherings like this have been reported all over the city! I'm going to see if I can get one of the youth to speak with me... (As Liana turns around, all of the youth stop and look at their phone, then turn and head into the church. We see them enter from the rear.)

Taylor (in a front pew): why are they so late, Amy?

Amy (also in front pew): I don't know, but the important thing is they are here! (Waves to entering youth to join them in the front).

Sue: Welcome. Please join us - best seats in the house are still available. (Gestures towards Amy. Youth come to front and sit with Taylor and Amy.)

Anna: what an interesting development, thank you Liana!

Ian: and now back to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

Sue: Introduces Go Tell it on the Mountain. Choir sings first verse. 

Breaking News theme interrupts.

Ian: We have breaking news - here is Adriana with more details!

Adriana (In front of Bell Switching Station): Thanks Ian. I have just spoken with a network analyst who confirmed the cellular networks have overloaded and require a full reset. Although they are working on the issue, the current estimate is that the system will be down until after Christmas, so it looks like the holidays will be cell phone free - or at least text-free.

Anna: You heard it here first folks - no cellular service until at least Boxing Day.

Ian: Better sharpen those pencils - looks like letter writing and mailing cards will be making a comeback this year!

Anna: We now return you to your regular programming, already in progress.

Sue: introduces Drummer Boy (no breaking news to distract from the overall cuteness factor of pah rum pa pa pum-ing.) Choir finishes with bows. 



Pastor’s Thank You

-Thank you to Amy for writing today’s drama, and to our superintendent Sue, as well as our Sunday School teachers and helpers for rehearsing, and to Mark for working out the PowerPoint slides.

-Thank you, Sunday School and Youth, for reminding us that God breaks into our lives at Christmas and disrupts our routines.

-Thank you for your playful attitude and for the joyful Christmas carols.

-You really are an important and wonderful part of our Christmas traditions, and for many of us, it just wouldn’t be Christmas without you.

-So thank you all for helping us to enter into this beautiful and festive Christmas season!



Now we join together in singing “John Spoke as a Prophet”  on the screen only.

Please rise as you’re able.




Gathering Song: Rejoice, Rejoice Believers  ELW 244


Pageant-No Psalm Hymn


Light One Candle to Watch for Messiah (stanzas 1-3) ELW 240 []

Hymn of the Day: John Spoke as a Prophet

Offering Song: 
"Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence," the 2nd stanza, hymn #490 [P.D. ]

    Lamb of God, page 208. (Setting 10)
    a) All Earth Is Hopeful ELW 266 [ ]

    b) O Day of Peace ELW 711 [  ]

    c) Hark, the Glad Sound! ELW 239  [P.D. ]     
Sending Song: Let Justice Flow Like Streams ELW 717[ ]




Sending Thought: none due to Pageant Sunday


Sending Song: Let Justice Flow Like Streams #717 and on the screen



[1]     Augsburg Fortress Liturgies Annual License #47256.