ࡱ> )+(5  bjbj 1ꉻdꉻd % Et11111   $oz     11ppp "11p ppp1`s .p0EpDpp,  p     Z   E              : Team Ministry Team Ministry for February We thank all persons that participated in different parts of the service and fellowship. This is an excellent witness to our guiding principles. Team Ministry for February, 2018 Your Team Leader is Gerri P. Thanks for volunteering. If you havent been contacted yet, check your mailbox or think of ways you can help this month. Sunday Morning Breakfast See you the second and fourth Sunday in February. Burittos, coffee, tea, juice. Come and visit with your friends and neighbours. *L v w x   ʷh&h&CJaJh&CJ aJ h&CJaJhhCJ aJ hhCJaJhCJaJh]CJ aJ hCJ aJ *+  w x  gd$a$gd/ 01h) 6!"#$% w2&6FVfv2(&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv&6FVfv8XV~ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@ 0@6666_HmH nH sH tH @`@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA D Default Paragraph FontViV  Table Normal :V 44 la (k (No List J^J ] Normal (Web)dd[$\$mH sH BB ]apple-converted-spacePK![Content_Types].xmlN0EH-J@%ǎǢ|ș$زULTB l,3;rØJB+$G]7O٭VGRU1a$N% ʣꂣKЛjVkUDRKQj/dR*SxMPsʧJ5$4vq^WCʽ D{>̳`3REB=꽻Ut Qy@֐\.X7<:+& 0h @>nƭBVqu ѡ{5kP?O&Cנ Aw0kPo۵(h[5($=CVs]mY2zw`nKDC]j%KXK 'P@$I=Y%C%gx'$!V(ekڤք'Qt!x7xbJ7 o߼W_y|nʒ;Fido/_1z/L?>o_;9:33`=—S,FĔ觑@)R8elmEv|!ո/,Ә%qh|'1:`ij.̳u'k CZ^WcK0'E8S߱sˮdΙ`K}A"NșM1I/AeހQתGF@A~eh-QR9C 5 ~d"9 0exp<^!͸~J7䒜t L䈝c\)Ic8E&]Sf~@Aw?'r3Ȱ&2@7k}̬naWJ}N1XGVh`L%Z`=`VKb*X=z%"sI<&n| .qc:?7/N<Z*`]u-]e|aѸ¾|mH{m3CԚ .ÕnAr)[;-ݑ$$`:Ʊ>NVl%kv:Ns _OuCX=mO4m's߸d|0n;pt2e}:zOrgI( 'B='8\L`"Ǚ 4F+8JI$rՑVLvVxNN";eVYx-,JfV<+k>hP!aLfh:HHX WQXt,:JU{,Z BpB)sֻڙӇiE4(=U\.O. +x"aMB[F7x"ytѫиK-zz>F>75eo5C9Z%c7ܼ%6M2ˊ 9B" N "1(IzZ~>Yr]H+9pd\4n(Kg\V$=]B,lוDA=eX)Ly5ot e㈮bW3gp : j$/g*QjZTa!e9#i5*j5ö fE`514g{7vnO(^ ,j~V9;kvv"adV݊oTAn7jah+y^@ARhW.GMuO "/e5[s󿬅`Z'WfPt~f}kA'0z|>ܙ|Uw{@՘tAm'`4T֠2j ۣhvWwA9 ZNU+Awvhv36V`^PK! ѐ'theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.relsM 0wooӺ&݈Э5 6?$Q ,.aic21h:qm@RN;d`o7gK(M&$R(.1r'JЊT8V"AȻHu}|$b{P8g/]QAsم(#L[PK-![Content_Types].xmlPK-!֧6 0_rels/.relsPK-!kytheme/theme/themeManager.xmlPK-!%Pb̓ theme/theme/theme1.xmlPK-! ѐ' theme/theme/_rels/themeManager.xml.relsPK]   8@0(  B S  ?3^9]0=!]&@%%%%@UnknownG.[x Times New Roman5Symbol3. .Cx ArialC.,*{$ Calibri Light7.*{$ CalibriA$BCambria Math"1hR:bgR:bgOO!9243HP ?]2!xx$ Seniors' Power Hour Azerott Karen Azerott Oh+'0   @ L Xdlt|Seniors' Power HourAzerottNormalKaren Azerott2Microsoft Office Word@@8u@8uO ՜.+,0 hp|  MS Seniors' Power Hour Title !"#$%&'*Root Entry F`U,1Table WordDocument1SummaryInformation(DocumentSummaryInformation8 CompObjr  F Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document MSWordDocWord.Document.89q